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Women's Big Bertha OS Hybrids

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Technology Specs

Explosive Distance from Next-Generation Hyper Speed Face Cup

Next-generation Hyper Speed Face Cup promotes faster ball speed across the face, especially on off-center hits.

Larger and Faster Face for More Ball Speed

A larger and more flexible face helps in two ways: 1) The added size gives you more area to make contact with. 2) The added flexibility pushes the COR closer to the USGA limit, promoting faster ball speed for more distance.

Faster Head Speed for More Distance from Speed Step Technology

Designed with the assistance of aerodynamic experts, Callaway's Speed Step Technology improves airflow to promote faster clubhead speed for more distance.

Increased Forgiveness from a Refined Head Design

Refinements to the head design include: 1) Longer heel-to-toe length that allows for a larger and more forgiving face. 2) Deeper body for increased MOI and stability. Together they make the BBOS hybrid remarkably easy to hit.

Exceptional Versatility and Distance from OptiFit Adjustability

Optifit hosel technology lets you easily choose from eight loft and lie settings to dial in the launch angle and shot shape that promote maximum distance and accuracy with your swing. Loft can be set to -1°, S (Stated), +1°, +2°. Face angle can be set to Neutral or Draw.

Better Turf Interaction from our Dual Runner Sole Design

The Dual Runner Sole design promotes better turf interaction for more consistently solid contact.

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